One call 

GreenScapes Landscape Company offers services 12-months a year so our residential customers save time and money. Once a customer establishes an on-going contract for each service, GreenScapes automatically comes at the appropriate time of year to complete the service.

Seasonal color

Scheduled installation, maintenance and removal of spring bulbs, summer annuals, and fall mums

Fall clean-up

Scheduled removal of leaves, sticks and other debris from beds, hard surfaces and lawn; perennials are cut back

Spring clean-up

Scheduled removal of debris from beds, hard surfaces and lawn; prune dead or damaged shrubs; perennials are cut back; edging and mulching of beds

Irrigation start-up

Start and ensure all irrigation system elements are working correctly; adjust the sprinkler heads for total coverage; replace or repair parts; reset timers and stations

Irrigation winterization

Prepare the pipes, valves, pumps, timers for winter by removing all water from the system; shut down the main valve

Contact us

Contact GreenScapes residential team to find out more about our worry-free seasonal services and save time and money. Email us or call us at 614-837-1869.