Outdoor Living

Reflection of your lifestyle

Expand your living space by allowing GreenScapes to design a one-of-a-kind outdoor room. Our designers meet with you to determine how you would like to use the space then translate that into a design plan. The options are unlimited.

Complete kitchens for entertaining

Moving beyond the simple outdoor grill, many outdoor rooms now feature partial or full kitchens. Bar areas, sinks, pizza ovens, refrigerators, granite countertops and all- weather cabinets are all elements to consider.

Water, fire, light and sound

Fireplaces, fountains and ponds continue to remain popular in outdoor room designs. GreenScapes can also incorporate the latest in light and sound technology. Weatherproof sound systems, televisions and LED lighting can be used to create atmosphere for entertaining or relaxation in the outdoors.

Create room boundaries

Art, water sculptures, gazebos, trellises, columns and posts can act as simple framing devices to create boundaries for seating or dining areas.

Comfortable and functional seating and outdoor dining space are essential elements for an outdoor room. Incorporating green space for children to play, raised bed gardens or small nooks for reading or contemplation are considerations for your plan.

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Outdoor rooms add value to the home and enhance quality of life. Are you interested in expanding the quality of time spent with family and friends by transforming your outdoor space? Contact GreenScapes at 614-837-1869 or email us.