Irrigation & Water Features

Irrigation services

GreenScapes Landscape Company designs, installs and maintains residential irrigation systems.  Services include:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance 
  • Spring start-up
  • Fall winterization
  • Water conservation 
Preliminary design consultation

Trained irrigation professionals conduct a preliminary design consultation with the customer to discuss the budget and options available. Our fully customized irrigation systems account for sunlight exposure, land grade and plant material.

Systems considerations

Irrigation systems include rain sensing equipment to prevent overwatering and save money. Since overwatering or under watering can cause stress to plant material and turf, GreenScapes specialists put the proper systems in place to ensure roots remain healthy and vibrant.

Scheduled maintenance

GreenScapes offers a scheduled maintenance program to winterize the system in the fall and run a full start up in the spring.

Minimal disruption

GreenScapes can install irrigation systems into existing landscape properties using 'trench-less' technology with minimal excavation and disruption.

Contact us

Contact our irrigation team by calling 614-837-1869 or email us. GreenScapes will provide you with continuous irrigation support.


Water features

GreenScapes designs, installs and maintains a wide variety of water features into residential landscapes:

  • Natural, formal and informal pools
  • Raised and in-ground formal fountains
  • Wall fountains
  • Streams and waterfalls
  • Bog and tub gardens
  • Ponds
  • Rain gardens
  • Artistic water features
  • Pondless waterfalls

Visit the residential photo gallery and contact the GreenScapes residential team at 614-837-1869 for more information. Find out more about our worry free seasonal services that save time and money