No need for multiple companies

GreenScapes has the staff to install even the largest residential project, so you won't have the hassle of working with multiple companies to complete the installation of your landscaping plan. One source saves time and money.

Familiar with building codes and zoning

GreenScapes has been working in the central Ohio area for over three decades and has earned the respect of local and government officials.

GreenScapes has a solid understanding of local building and zoning codes. Our customers are assured that all projects will meet necessary codes and requirements and they will not encounter any surprises during the installation phase.

Experienced installation crews

GreenScapes installation crews have, on average more than six years of experience with the company. With extremely low staff turnover customers will have the benefit of a team of respected professionals that value customer relationships and property.

No delays

Our crewleaders are skilled communicators and are in regular contact with our customers. They listen carefully to customers' concerns and needs, then respond with solutions. That means that your landscaping project will not stall because of misunderstandings and poor communication.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

GreenScapes utilizes the highest quality plant material and considers light, water, soil and maintenance issues and conditions.

Sustainable and environmentally beneficial elements and processes are incorporated throughout the installation process.  GreenScapes uses sustainable materials and sources them as close to the project site as possible.

Contact us

For more information about our installation services, email or call our residential team at 614-837-1869. Be sure to visit our residential photo gallery.