Full service, year round

As a full-service organization, GreenScapes offers:

GreenScapes has the in-house staff, expertise and efficiencies to design, install and maintain all types of residential projects 12 months a year.  This eliminates the need for customers to work with multiple design, installation and maintenance companies and results in tremendous cost savings.

Talented designers, horticulturists and craftsmen

GreenScapes employs talented designers, horticulturists and craftsmen.  Our residential customers rave about the variety of plant material, as well as the color, texture and flow of their creative landscape designs.

Budget estimates upfront

GreenScapes' residential team will provide budget estimates before your project plan is complete. As a result, you will have the assurance of knowing that the budget you identify for your project is based on actual project experience and current cost information.

Continuous project management

Project managers are selected based on their expertise for specific types of projects. You won't have to worry about communication issues because the project manager is the same through project completion.

Sustainable and environmentally beneficial

Projects are designed and installed with an understanding of, and sensitivity to, the impact of each decision and material selected.  GreenScapes uses LEED approved materials and sources and is one of only two Live Roof Certified landscape companies in the area.