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Oct 8 2014

Woody Plants with Fall and Winter Interest

We are moving into autumn but it is not too early for landscape designers to consider which woody plants provide excellent autumn and winter appeal.  Features may include fruits: such as winterberry holly fruits now combined with leaves and later alone in clusters along stems, crabapples such as 'Red Jewel', 'Strawberry Parfait', and 'Bob White' which will retain firm and colorful fruits well into winter, and beautyberry (Callicarpa) with its metallic purple to salmon-pink to white fruits that will have color until major frosts.
Sep 11 2014

Project Spotlight: Upper Arlington Residence

In 2013, a home owner in Upper Arlington called Greenscapes to take a look at their water feature. The pond and the surrounding landscape had not been maintained. It clearly needed to be dredged and was in dire need of both functional and aesthetic improvements. We were happy to take on the challenging project.  The home owner was thrilled with the results!   Before   After
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