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May 2 2014

The Knockout Rose

Aptly named, the Knockout Rose is undoubtedly one of the best performing shrub roses to be introduced into the marketplace to date.   With its vibrant array of colors, the Knockout Rose is extremely floriferous. We planted several Knockout’s here at GreenScapes to ‘field test’ the rose; we had to prove to ourselves that the marketing of this plant was indeed truthful. The plant was reputed to be tough and virtually carefree. We planted a mass of five Knockouts’ at the driveway entry to our office and production facilities.
Apr 18 2014

The Scent is in the Air!

It seems that most landscapes and gardens are measured in terms of visual appeal. Sight may be the most important sense used to assess a garden; but in reality, how a garden interacts with each of our senses is its true measure of success. This makes the sense of smell one of the most important intangibles when establishing a garden.  
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