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Nov 7 2014

The Greenhouses of Greenscapes

Greenhouses are wonderful outdoor structures that can add intrinsic value to a property. Many of our clients use them to grow herbs year round; others use them to enjoy tropical plants that would otherwise die off during the winter months. The demand for these structures has risen over the past couple years. Several of our clients this year have requested greenhouses be incorporated in their designs.
Oct 29 2014

Viridis Laceleaf Japanese Maple - Spectacular Fall Foliage!

This photo was taken outside of our office here at Greenscapes! This small tree has green leaves during summer, which gradually turn into vibrant hues of red and orange. The cultivar ‘Viridis’ is a beautiful green lace-leaf Japanese maple forming a mounding shape. Gardeners often plant this cultivar as a compliment to the red-leaved ‘Crimson Queen’ cultivar.  
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