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Jun 12 2014

Give your plants a drink!

Spring rains will soon come to an end, and the summer heat will dry out your plants. Watering your landscape shouldn’t cause you woes. If it does, consider our advice to properly water your landscape.   Studies have shown that most people over water their lawns, and are unknowingly wasteful of water.  Two of the most common mistakes are:   (1) Watering at the wrong time of day and (2) Not watering plants deeply enough.  
May 30 2014

Greenscapes Featured in Housetrends magazine!

http://www.housetrends.com/Outdoor-Destination/ Outdoor Destination By Amy Howell Hirt | Photos by Dan Feldkamp/Visual Edge Imaging The pergola is grounded by red-brick pillars echoed from the fireplace wall.
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