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May 9 2016

TUNE IN TO mix1079‬ ‪and qfm96! Protect your garden from the dreaded bagworm!

Tune in this Sunday to Down the Garden Path, featuring owner of Greenscapes Bill Gerhardt, on ‪#‎QFM96‬ this Sunday at 8:00 am! Our arborist Mark Moore will be speaking on plant care, plant selection, and how to stop the dreaded bagworm!   http://qfm96.com/sunday-morning-programming/shows/down-the-garden-path?platform=hootsuite              
Apr 29 2016

TUNE IN TO mix1079‬ ‪and qfm96 TO ‬listen to the owner of greenscapes bill gerhardt!

Tune in this Sunday for a new installment of Down the Garden Path on ‪#‎QFM96‬ this Sunday at 8:00 am! This sundays guest speaker will be Vice President of Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers Bryce Jacob. Greenscapes owner and president Bill Gerhardt will be speaking about how the relationship between interior design, architecture, and landscape architecture are paramount to a successful project.
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