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Sep 30 2015

Maximilian Sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani)

"This perennial plant belongs to the aster family, Asteraceae (formerly Compositae).  It can grow to a height of 3 - 10'.  Multiple bright yellow flowers grow on single stalks or from leaf axils.  Course, hairy, pointed leaves get smaller as they move up the stalk and can range in length from 2 - 10".  Soil fertility and moisture will determine the height of the plant.  Maximilian sunflower requires full sun and it does well in a number of different soil conditions.  This plant needs two years to become established."  
Sep 17 2015

Smaller, more accessible Parade of Homes show arrives

"This year’s Parade of Homes might be smaller and later than usual, but with features such as birch bark walls and a secret door for groceries, it still will offer plenty of eye candy." Greenscapes is participating in this years Parade of Homes and we hope to see you there. DIRECTIONS  Northstar Community is located just 10 minutes north of the Polaris/I-71 interchange.
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