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Jan 5 2016

Hollies can brighten landscape year-round

"For generations, Americans have decked the halls with boughs of holly because of its beloved shiny leaves and bright red berries. Thanks to a holly breeding program started in the 1940s, homeowners today have a wide variety of hollies to grow in the landscape for holiday cuttings and year-round beauty. “Look for yellow-fruited varieties, dwarf forms like Maryland Dwarf, male selections such as Uncle Sam, and extremely cold-hardy ones like Dan Fenton,” said Sue Hunter, president of the Holly Society of America.
Dec 22 2015

To show birds a berry good time, try adding these native shrubs

"Nothing lifts a gardener’s spirits during winter like the sight of a bird devouring berries in a backyard shrub. The experience thrills the bird, too, because food can be scarce this time of year. By choosing the right woody plants, gardeners not only feed birds and other creatures but also beautify yards and landscapes. Not surprisingly, wildlife experts often recommend native plants, though not exclusively.
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