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Jul 22 2015

From Mouth of a hummingbird: How to make your yard its buffet

"Hummingbirds are the airborne jewels of the garden. With their iridescent colors and outsize personalities, they’re fascinating to watch. They cram the skill and swagger of a fighter pilot into a moth-size body" Providing a habitat for the elusive hummingbird can provide entertainment for kids and adults all summer long. Besides the obvious attractors, such as hummingbird feeders (visit this link for a good recipe: http://www.wildbirdshop.com/Birding/humfeed.html), there are various plants that can be used.  
Jun 26 2015

Plant Spotlight: Coleus (Solenostemon scutellaroides)

"These versatile foliage plants are prized for their brightly colored, boldly patterned leaves in shades of red, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, and white.  Adding coleus to your landscape makes an excellent color accent in garden beds and borders.  It can also be planted in containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets.  Most coleus grow best in part shade however new cultivars of this annual have been selected for increased sun and heat tolerance.  The shape and color of the leaves and the plant size also vary depending on the cultivar.  The majority of
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