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Oct 4 2013

Bruce Munro: "LIGHT" exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory

BRUCE MUNRO: LIGHT AT FRANKLIN PARK CONSERVATORY Some glow with soft pulses of color. One flashes like a lightning storm. Others simply emanate beautiful, shimmering light. Bruce Munro’s imaginative and innovative light-based works create a captivating evening experience at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
Apr 12 2013

Food for Thought…and Healthy Plants

As the ground warms up during the spring and summer, plants and grasses stretch their roots further into the soil to search for additional nutrients.  If they can’t find all of the nutrients they need, their growth becomes stunted. You can assure that your plants receive vital nutrients by providing fertilizer.  Fertilizer can give your plants the extra boost they need as they grow and expand and help them thrive in the hot summer days to come.  Fertilizing several times a year also helps combat the stresses of nature on urban and suburban landscapes.
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