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May 16 2011

Gardens for Scent

It seems that most landscapes and gardens are measured in terms of visual appeal. Sight may be the most important sense used to assess a garden, but in reality, each of our senses measures gardens. This makes the sense of smell one of the most important intangibles when establishing a garden.
Apr 19 2011

Secrets to Surviving spring in the garden

There is probably no other time when getting the garden in shape is more critical than spring. Everything you do OR don’t do will be magnified in your garden in early summer. Weed control is a must. I start by cleaning out all the leaves, cutting back the perennials and then adding fresh mulch. AFTER this I add a pre-emergence herbicide to the top. For the homeowner the best product is Preen. This should help deterring new weed seeds from germinating. The mulch will also deter weeds and retain moisture during the dry months.
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