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Nov 5 2015

Plant Spotlight: Oakleaf Hydrangea

"The oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) is a hardy native shrub that has interest for much of the year. The branching of the oakleaf hydrangea is irregular, with branches pointing in many directions, while the peeling bark is a rich, warm reddish brown. The shape of the leaves gives the plant its common name of oakleaf. The leaves are large, 4 to 6 inches across. In the summer, the foliage is medium green; in the fall, it turns brilliant shades of yellow, burgundy, red and orange.
Oct 29 2015

Autumn Joy Sedum

"For some visual joy in autumn, plant Autumn Joy sedum. The plants’ domed flower clusters smile skyward like heads of pink broccoli. Autumn Joy is, understandably, a stalwart of the late summer and fall flower garden. The flowers adorn the plants for weeks and weeks, not frozen in time like the more common flower of autumn, mums, but constantly changing. The initially green buds first open to pink, then the blossoms shade to rose, on to salmon bronze and finally to coppery red." Read more at:
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