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Dec 18 2015

Landscape can be used for decking the halls

"Plants that were “just there” through the year suddenly become important in December. That’s when we look to our landscape for ways to make the house appear festive. You might be surprised at how much is out there that is useful and beautiful. Examples include evergreens with leaves that are broad and shiny or light and feathery; berries that are yellow, orange or red; and crazy-looking seedpods and woodsy pine cones. The well-stocked garden should provide some of these things to use for winter decorations indoors.
Dec 11 2015

Plant Spotlight: Calathea

"Talk about a lovely new plant: The Fusion White calathea (Calathea‘Fusion White’) is a dwarf variety with strikingly variegated leaves. The leaves are a nice medium green with almost pure white variegation spread across each one. The underside, in contrast, is a beautiful burgundy; leaves that are folded or wrong side up will show off this coloring." Calathea "White Fusion" can reach a height of 15 inches and roughly 12 inches wide. It is hardy to zone 8.  
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