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Oct 29 2015

Autumn Joy Sedum

"For some visual joy in autumn, plant Autumn Joy sedum. The plants’ domed flower clusters smile skyward like heads of pink broccoli. Autumn Joy is, understandably, a stalwart of the late summer and fall flower garden. The flowers adorn the plants for weeks and weeks, not frozen in time like the more common flower of autumn, mums, but constantly changing. The initially green buds first open to pink, then the blossoms shade to rose, on to salmon bronze and finally to coppery red." Read more at:
Oct 8 2015

Think twice before raking those fall leaves!

“They’re actually packed full of nutrients,” says Jeff Dickinson, executive director and farmer at Stratford Ecological Center, a nonprofit educational, organic farm and nature preserve in Delaware County. This time of year, when trees start shedding, savvy gardeners and homeowners rekindle their love for leaves by putting them to work in lawns and vegetable and flower beds. Don’t think of fallen leaves as a nuisance to be disposed of, Dickinson urged.
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