Complete and thoughtful planning

GreenScapes specializes in commercial landscape design. Through our comprehensive design-build process, landscape architects work directly with building owners, developers, construction contractors and facility managers to develop a functional and professional design.

Interest within budget

GreenScapes' landscape plans provide creative, interesting details that work with the space and location. Incorporating texture, color, variety and sustainability into the commercial project are standards. Our commercial clients have the piece of mind knowing they have hired the highest licensed talent for the project.

Factoring in maintenance

The design will also take into account the level of maintenance desired and incorporate hardscapes, water featuresirrigation systems, and outdoor meeting spaces into the natural surroundings.

Have your own plan?

GreenScapes can review existing plans to determine if more effective materials and procedures can be utilized. That means you won't waste money for design elements that don't work within your plan.

Beyond design

Once your plan is complete, GreenScapes has the installation team to complete the design and maintenance team to keep it looking fresh and new. Why not hire one company to handle all aspects of your landscape 12-months a year?

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