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Jan 27 2015

Greenscapes Awarded The Best of Houzz Award 2015!

Greenscapes work won in the Design category; our landscape design portfolio includes some of the most popular images on Houzz.com in 2014.  View Greenscapes award here: http://www.houzz.com/badges/user/greenscapeslandscapeco
Nov 21 2014

Let Kids Go Wild in the Garden!

Wildlife gardens provide a great opportunity for children to learn about nature in their own backyard.  Here are some ideas to let kids go wild in the garden.   Fall and winter are crucial seasons to provide food and shelter for birds.  Migrating birds may pass through your yard on a thousand mile trek; those who remain are faced with diminished food supplies and freezing temperatures.  Kids can have fun and feel good about a project that helps feed or shelter birds that stay through the winter.  
Nov 7 2014

The Greenhouses of Greenscapes

Greenhouses are wonderful outdoor structures that can add intrinsic value to a property. Many of our clients use them to grow herbs year round; others use them to enjoy tropical plants that would otherwise die off during the winter months. The demand for these structures has risen over the past couple years. Several of our clients this year have requested greenhouses be incorporated in their designs.
Oct 29 2014

Viridis Laceleaf Japanese Maple - Spectacular Fall Foliage!

This photo was taken outside of our office here at Greenscapes! This small tree has green leaves during summer, which gradually turn into vibrant hues of red and orange. The cultivar ‘Viridis’ is a beautiful green lace-leaf Japanese maple forming a mounding shape. Gardeners often plant this cultivar as a compliment to the red-leaved ‘Crimson Queen’ cultivar.  
Oct 8 2014

Woody Plants with Fall and Winter Interest

We are moving into autumn but it is not too early for landscape designers to consider which woody plants provide excellent autumn and winter appeal.  Features may include fruits: such as winterberry holly fruits now combined with leaves and later alone in clusters along stems, crabapples such as 'Red Jewel', 'Strawberry Parfait', and 'Bob White' which will retain firm and colorful fruits well into winter, and beautyberry (Callicarpa) with its metallic purple to salmon-pink to white fruits that will have color until major frosts.
Sep 11 2014

Project Spotlight: Upper Arlington Residence

In 2013, a home owner in Upper Arlington called Greenscapes to take a look at their water feature. The pond and the surrounding landscape had not been maintained. It clearly needed to be dredged and was in dire need of both functional and aesthetic improvements. We were happy to take on the challenging project.  The home owner was thrilled with the results!   Before   After
Jul 31 2014

Greenscapes WINS GOLD at the BIA Parade of Homes

Greenscapes wins Gold at the 2014 BIA Parade of Homes! Located in Delaware, Oh -Gold award for Outdoor Living Area -Gold award for Rear Garden Design -Silver for front Garden Design #biaofcentralohio #columbus #landscapearchitecture   Visit the following link for directions to the parade: http://www.biaparade.com/aws/BIA/pt/sd/news_article/78115/_PARENT/layout...
Jun 12 2014

Give your plants a drink!

Spring rains will soon come to an end, and the summer heat will dry out your plants. Watering your landscape shouldn’t cause you woes. If it does, consider our advice to properly water your landscape.   Studies have shown that most people over water their lawns, and are unknowingly wasteful of water.  Two of the most common mistakes are:   (1) Watering at the wrong time of day and (2) Not watering plants deeply enough.  
May 30 2014

Greenscapes Featured in Housetrends magazine!

http://www.housetrends.com/Outdoor-Destination/ Outdoor Destination By Amy Howell Hirt | Photos by Dan Feldkamp/Visual Edge Imaging The pergola is grounded by red-brick pillars echoed from the fireplace wall.