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Apr 18 2014

The Scent is in the Air!

It seems that most landscapes and gardens are measured in terms of visual appeal. Sight may be the most important sense used to assess a garden; but in reality, how a garden interacts with each of our senses is its true measure of success. This makes the sense of smell one of the most important intangibles when establishing a garden.  
Apr 4 2014

Spring is here!

Spring is here- at least according to the calendar. While we await consistently warm weather and the true awakening of our gardens, we are anxious to see what affects the unseasonably cold weather of the winter may have had on our landscape plants.     
Nov 22 2013


If you are a hardworking individual pursuing a landscape construction career with a company who offers steady employment and reasonable wages, then come work for GreenScapes.  We are currently hiring self motivated, hard working individuals with experience levels ranging from seasoned veteran to moderately experienced.
Oct 4 2013

Large Tree Planting in downtown Columbus

(PICTURE INCLUDED BELOW) GreenScapes crews planted a 7.5" caliper Scarlet Oak for a new apartment complex being constructed in downtown Columbus. The process is always super intensive when dealing with plant material of this size. Extra care must be taken to avoid damaging the tree canopy and trunk. However, at the same time you are maneuvering a very heavy tree with large machinery, such as the lift you see in the pictures. It was something to watch, and our experienced employees handled the process very well!
Oct 4 2013

Bruce Munro: "LIGHT" exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory

BRUCE MUNRO: LIGHT AT FRANKLIN PARK CONSERVATORY Some glow with soft pulses of color. One flashes like a lightning storm. Others simply emanate beautiful, shimmering light. Bruce Munro’s imaginative and innovative light-based works create a captivating evening experience at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
Apr 12 2013

Food for Thought…and Healthy Plants

As the ground warms up during the spring and summer, plants and grasses stretch their roots further into the soil to search for additional nutrients.  If they can’t find all of the nutrients they need, their growth becomes stunted. You can assure that your plants receive vital nutrients by providing fertilizer.  Fertilizer can give your plants the extra boost they need as they grow and expand and help them thrive in the hot summer days to come.  Fertilizing several times a year also helps combat the stresses of nature on urban and suburban landscapes.
Mar 22 2013

Spring Clean-ups make a World of Difference

Spring is here and now is the time to clean up and prepare your landscape for new growth.  Here are the basic five steps to your spring clean-up. Step 1:  Begin spring clean-up by clearing out dead leaves from gutters, planting beds and other planting areas.  Edge all beds and tree-rings to a 4” crisp depth.
Feb 15 2013


Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association Celebrates Excellence in the Landscape Profession   February 1, 2013 -- Columbus, OH -- GreenScapes Landscape Co., Inc. is proud to announce it has achieved award-winning status from The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association (ONLA) in its prestigious 40th annual Landscape Awards Program.   GreenScapes Landscape Co., Inc. was presented with a coveted Grand Award in the Unique or Unusual Category for the “Live Fire Theatre” Project.
Feb 8 2013

Add Winter Interest to Your Garden

  Pam Miller Frederick County Master Gardener If you are an avid gardener like me, you may long for a spot of green in your landscape during our long, cold winter months. Wonderful additions to your winter garden include the Evergreen Lily, Italian arum, and a native Eastern white pine.   The Evergreen Lily
Jan 18 2013

A Gardener’s New Year’s Resolutions

First, let me be clear – I don’t make New Year resolutions! Quite a few years ago I realized going through that annual exercise was a futile attempt to change overnight – something that isn’t all that realistic for me. I vowed to lose 10 pounds more often than I care to remember; it was no easier in January than in the other 11 months of the year!